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Telta Pure Air 330 (2024)

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Awning Size Guide


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The awning is made of a lightweight, fully breathable material that provides a good indoor climate and reduces condensation.
The outer curve at the bottom of the awning is made of PVC which makes it easy to clean.
All windows have a light tint for privacy making it easy to see out but more difficult to see in. The curtains are made from premium fabric and have a superior feel. 

The front-panel that can be rolled into the centre, rolled up to the roof or completely removed.

Add extra space by adding an extra large annex to either side of the awning.

Features one-point inflation and adjustable height to fit caravans and motorhomes with a rail height between 235cm and 280cm. 

Included with the awning: Draught Skirt, Curtains, Handpump, Pegs and Peg straps.

Measures 330cm wide, 250cm deep, 28kg

Storm straps are recommended for use at all times.

How to measure for the size of your awning

How to measure for the size of your awning

  1. 1. Ensure your caravan is on a level standing.
  2. 2. Get a piece of string or tape measure. Using the string/tape measure, measure from front ground level around the awning rail and back down to the ground level at the back. Take the measurements in centimeters.